Sanibona II

A beginner’s course in Zulu - Teacher’s Guide


Sanibona II  is the second part in a two part beginner’s classroom course in Zulu as a second language. The course has a communicative approach.

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Sanibona II


Sanibona II consolidates and revises the basic structures, vocabulary and language functions introduced in Sanibona I. The focus of teaching in Sanibona II is the communicative tasks which involve group and pair work, role playing and game-like activities. The Sanibona II Audio includes a number of lively traditional Zulu songs which students should enjoy tremendously. The songs were sung by members of the Esikawini College of Education Choir led by Langalakhe Nkosi

The aim is to develop fluency and to maintain interest in Zulu and to give students practice in useful functions, situations and vocabulary. The humour inherent in many of the conversations of Sanibona II is designed to appeal to learners and capture their interest. The Material is carefully graded. The full course consists of: A Pupil’s Book, a Teacher’s guide, 60 minute audio CD of dialogues, songs, rhythms and chants and Felt board pictures

Key Information

The Teacher's Guide covers the following areas:

1. An outline fo the structures, topics, functions and notions covered in each chapter

2. Notes on how to present the conversations

3. Notes on how to go about lesson expansion and

5. Suggestions as how to make full use of the feltboard

5. Tests.

6. Further suggestions for activities to capture interest and increase fluency in Zulu.

7. A few notes on cultural background

8. Translation of the songs, rhymes and charts.

9. Background notes on the songs, rhymes and charts.

10. Concord charts - an aid to teachers

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About the Creators

The Authors

Beverley Muller is a graduate of the University of KwaZulu Natal (BA. Hon, M.A, B. Soc Science, U.E.D) and the University of Paul Valery in Montpellier, France (Diploma in the teaching of French as a foreign language). She has taught languages in KwaZulu Natal schools and lectured in Zulu full time at the University of KwaZulu Natal (Durban). She is the co-author of the Sanibona, Khuluma and Ninjani Zulu courses.

Bongani Mthethwa was a graduate of the University of Natal (B. Mus) and lectured in music at the University of Zululand and Transkei University and was a specialist in Zulu music.


Muziwokuthula Zondi studied at the Teacher’s Training College, Eshowe.

Author Bev Muller

The authors would like to thank the following people for contributing to Sanibona II

Mr E. Zondi - University of Natal (Zulu Dept.) for assistance with the cultural notes

Jeff Thomas - University of Natal, for information on Ingoma dancing in the cultural notes

Richard Salmon - University of Natal (Music Dept.) for doing notation on the songs

Langalakhe Nkosi - Esikawini College of Education, for leading singers from the college in the singing of the songs in the Sanibona II tape.

Sanibona II

A beginner’s course in Zulu - Teacher’s Guide

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