A collection of Zulu books by Bev Muller


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A collection of Zulu books by Bev Muller

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Iholide lethu eKapa

iholide lethu eKapa is a fun Zulu reader aimed at second language Zulu students.

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iholide lethu eKapa is a fun Zulu reader aimed at second language Zulu students.

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Sanibona III

A Zulu Second Language course book

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A Zulu Second Language course book

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Bev Muller

With over 33 years of second language isiZulu teaching experience

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Beverley Muller taught isiZulu as a second language at UKZN from 1979 - 2011.

She has taught the second language stream at first second and third year levels. She also taught an honours module in teaching isiZulu as an additional language.

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Bryan Stone from Zamani Zulu
Review of Sanibona 4

I've been using and coming back again and again to Sanibona 4 for the 13 years of my Zulu learning and teaching experience. It's a fantastic resource for a step by step explanation of Zulu grammar, and cleverly teaches and reinforces grammatical concepts through the use of cleverly written stories to go with each grammatical theme. I find the complete grammar of isiZulu at the back of the book especially helpful when wanting a resource to reference quickly to better explain a concept to my students. Bev is a giant in the Zulu second language world and this amazing piece of work is testament to that.

Madison Paulk, Graduate Student, Brown University (Rhode Island, USA)

As an English speaker from the United States, isiZulu felt like a complex and difficult language to learn. Through private lessons with Bev during an extended stay in South Africa, I was able to grasp the fundamentals of isiZulu, and I truly learned the building blocks of the language. Bev tailored our lessons to meet my personal and professional academic needs, weaving language lessons with cultural background. She was a present force in ensuring I stayed on track with my language study through small assignments and check-ins between lessons. The one-on-one instruction was incredibly helpful for navigating everyday interactions in Durban, and I felt confident to test my knowledge in exchanges with isiZulu speakers. Bev is a warm and knowledgable instructor.